Apple is increasing the price of apps in the UK by 25% because of Brexit

Apple is raising prices on its UK App Store by almost 25% to reflect the sharp depreciation of the pound following June’s vote to leave the European Union The Guardian Reports. The new prices enshrine parity between the dollar and the pound, at least for apps on the iOS and Mac app stores. An app that costs $0.99 in the US, and used to cost £0.79, will now cost £0.99. According to the Business Insider, It’s not the first time Apple has increased its prices in the UK to adjust for…

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Russia Requires Apple and Google to Remove LinkedIn from Local App Stores


Russian authorities have required Apple and Google to remove the LinkedIn app from the App Store and Google Play in Russia, reports The New York Times. The move comes a couple weeks after Russia blocked LinkedIn’s website. When LinkedIn’s website was blocked, the apps stopped functioning properly. Removing them from the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store may not have cut off access to content, but it sent a signal that countries can push the tech giants to remove the apps. The New York Time Reports that Direct blocking of websites has been done by…

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Interview: Hootsuite’s CEO Lessons from Getting Hacked on Social Media


“Hey, it’s OurMine Team, we are just testing your security, please send us a message.” Earlier this summer, that message was blasted out to my followers on Twitter… only I didn’t send it. I had been hacked. It was embarrassing. I run Hootsuite, a social media management company that prides itself on world-class security for our customers. How could this happen? What did I do wrong? In the following days, I learned that Ev Williams, the co-founder of Twitter, had fallen victim to the same hackers. And not long before that,…

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Youth And Entrepreneurs Set To Benefit From AfricaWorking, A New Initiative


AfricaWorking, a new initiative by Barclays Africa, Emerging World, FranklinCovey, Knod, Safal Group, Microsoft and Syngenta is set to support 200,000 youth and 50,000 entrepreneurs. The new association will seek to channel the collective power and voice of the private sector in order to make an impact on employability and entrepreneurship in Africa. AfricaWorking will start supporting youth and entrepreneurs in Kenya and South Africa but it hopes to work across the continent by 2020. It will leverage existing approaches and two bespoke engines to help get youth career and…

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Microsoft Is Buying LinkedIn For $26.2 Billion


In what is being considered as the biggest tech merger of all time, Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for a whopping $26.2 billion in cash. As the guardian reports, both companies announced the move on Monday.This is Microsoft’s biggest purchase ever and it said that LinkedIn would retain it’s distinct brand, culture and independence. The success of the deal would see Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn’s chief executive will report directly to Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s boss. Weiner said that the deal would give LinkedIn a chance  to change the way the world works.…

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120 Students Embark On The WeThinkCode Two Year Coding Training


120 students in South Africa have begun their 2 year training at the WeThinkCode campus in Johannesburg. According to ItNewsAfrica, WeThinkCode says its mission is to source and train Africa’s future coding talent. A mission that is now well on its way to being achieved after the launch of the first peer-to-peer tertiary IT education academy in Africa. The 120 students who come from all parts of South Africa were were carefully screened. The course had attracted 30,000 applicants who were asked to play two games online as the first…

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CISCO Visual Networking Index Reveals That There Will be 4.1 Billion Internet Users By 2020


There will be 4.1 billion internet users by  the year 2020, the Cisco Visual Networking Index Complete Forecast for 2015 to 2020 has revealed. As aptantech reports, the forecast predicted that there would be 1 billion internet users who would join the global Internet community by 2020 and that global IP traffic would nearly triple at a compound annual growth rate of 22% over the next five years. The traffic growth will be impacted by the gloal digitization transformation which is based on the adoption of personal devices and the…

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UNICEF Report Tackles Online Safety Among Youth From 25 Countries


A new report released by UNICEF, Perils and Possibilities: Growing Up Online has revealed that 8 out of 10 18 year olds believ that young people are in danger of being sexually abused or taken advantage of online. The report  was based on an international poll of more than 10,000 18-year-olds from 25 countries and it discusses the young people’s perspectives on the risks they face while growing up in a connected world. The report revealed that more than 5 out 10 of the people who participated in the poll…

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Ghana Is The Next Country To Receive Uber After Uganda

Uber Africa launches Uber Cash in partnership with Flutterwave

Just a few days after Uber opened operations in Kampala, Uganda, ItNewsAfrica reports that Ghana will be the next country to receive the service. Accra, Ghana’s capital city will join Uber’s growing network in Africa, a good choice since the city boasts a population of 2.27 million people and a thriving economy. The large population will now have access to efficient transport through Uber. Alon Lits, the General Manager for Uber Sub-Saharan Africa said that: “Accra is bustling, connected city that Uber is proud to be launching in. It’s rapid…

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Huawei And Vodacom Succesfully Test The First 1Gbps Network In Africa


Yesterday in South Africa a telecommunication milestone was achieved as Huawei and Vodacom successfully tested Africa’s first 1Gbps network by aggregating LTE in both licensed and unlicensed bands within the Huawei Lampsite solution. As Huawei reports in a blog post, the peak speed hit over 1Gbps. In what was the first 1Gbps network and also the first 3 component carrier test in the continent, Huawei and Vodacom achieved a great feat that represented an important milestone for the 4.5G network. Another live trial has successfully demonstrated the co-existence of LTE…

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