Ghana Is The Next Country To Receive Uber After Uganda

Uber Africa launches Uber Cash in partnership with Flutterwave

Just a few days after Uber opened operations in Kampala, Uganda, ItNewsAfrica reports that Ghana will be the next country to receive the service. Accra, Ghana’s capital city will join Uber’s growing network in Africa, a good choice since the city boasts a population of 2.27 million people and a thriving economy. The large population will now have access to efficient transport through Uber.

Alon Lits, the General Manager for Uber Sub-Saharan Africa said that:

“Accra is bustling, connected city that Uber is proud to be launching in. It’s rapid growth and multiple ethnic communities make it an exciting place to introduce our service.”

“At Uber, we bring the world closer together by connecting global citizens to transport in a growing number of cities. We see Accra as a natural fit, because its people are willing to embrace innovation and technology and love products that are cool, exclusive and offer a new experience. We are able to deliver just that, safely, reliably and affordably.”

Uber had announced that it will be expanding its operations in Africa to three countries, Uganda, Tanzania and Ghana. It recently launched Uber in Kampala and offered free rides over the weekend to Ugandans. Uber also recently announced a couple of changes that it was making in a bid to please their drivers such as fining people who are two minutes late to their Uber.

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