Twitter expands access to its experimental Status feature but not to its paid subscribers

  Twitter expands access to its experimental Status feature but not to its paid subscriber Twitter’s throwback feature,  is today expanding its list of potential status updates to choose from, in a continuation of tests that began this July. The status feature, which is something of a cross between MySpace moods and a Facebook status, allows users to tag posts with an additional expression beyond the tweet itself like “shower thoughts,” “spoiler alert” or “picture of the day.” Other new status options now available include ‘Breaking news’, ‘Games’, ‘Pet of…

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Nclose confirms Linkedin is under cyber risk

Nclose confirms LinkedIn is under cyber risk   LinkedIn has become one of the riskiest social media platforms to date, according to South African cybersecurity firm Nclose.In February 2021, the data from 500 million LinkedIn users was leaked by hackers, in June 2021, more than 700 million LinkedIn users had their data leaked and put up for sale. In June 2022, the FBI said that the fraud on LinkedIn posed a significant threat to the platform and its users. The site has become one of the riskiest social media platforms to date,…

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Meta moderation panel receives appeals

Meta and Social media

Meta moderation panel receives a appeals The owner of Facebook a Meta moderation panel receives a million appeals against removed posts. Instagram set up the oversight board as an independent body to give users the chance to challenge the company’s often contentious decisions about social media posts. For those updating statuses or posting pictures still on Facebook, you would know posts that include violence, hate speech, or bullying will be taken down But what if Meta gets it wrong? and the content you post isn’t harmful in any way? Meta’s…

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WhatsApp hide chats upgraded feature

WhatsApp hide chats upgraded feature: WhatsApp has upgraded the hide chat feature. This was a long awaited changed that will keep messages hidden. Almost all WhatsApp users have been in a situation where they have looked to hide some of their chats, yet it is not always as straight forward as it seems. Until now, WhatsApp would allow you to hide certain conversations but they would reappear whenever a new message would arrive, pushing them right back to the top of the list of messages which defeated the purpose of…

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WhatsApp new privacy terms


WhatsApp’s new privacy terms WhatsApp has long prided itself on its commitment to security and privacy, with encrypted conversations and other important technologies integrated into the app. The announcement that it will be getting new rules – and forcing users to agree to them – has spread fear among the people who rely on the messaging app to stay in touch with friends and family. But the new announcement has sparked fears of the exact opposite: that people’s information is not being kept secret but instead shared with Facebook. But…

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Facebook gaming and dating service to be introduced

Facebook gaming

Dating and gaming have been launched by Facebook feature in Europe. The world’s most popular social media platform Facebook where almost every person has an account keeps developing and evolving day by day. The online platform Facebook launched the free-to-play cloud gaming feature on its social media platform. This will allows users to stream and play games like “Asphalt 9: Legends” and “WWE Super Card” without downloading them. The most interesting part is that all the cloud-streamed games would be played on the platform’s gaming tab or the News Feed. However,…

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Facebook reinforces its presence in Africa


Facebook reinforces its presence in Africa Facebook is in Africa’s good books yet again and this time, the tech giant hopes to develop products made by Africans, for Africans, and the rest of the world. In 2016, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria on what was his first trip to sub-Saharan Africa. While the attraction to the budding tech ecosystem which was already producing some of Africa’s best-known startups was obvious, there was also the underlying influence of Facebook’s pool of high-ranking Nigerian-American executives. Four years later, that influence…

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Facebook merges Instagram and Messenger chats


Facebook merges Instagram and Messenger chats Facebook has reportedly started merging Instagram and Messenger chats in a fresh bid, to allow cross-messaging among its family of apps, First spotted by The Verge, the update is for both iOS and Android devices. The update comes with the message: “There’s a New Way to Message on Instagram”. “Once you hit the update, the regular DM icon in the top right of Instagram is replaced by the Facebook Messenger logo,” the report mentioned. Currently, the functionality to message Facebook users from Instagram is…

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Whatsapp to Enable chat history synchronization

WhatsApp sync device

Whatsapp to Enable chat history synchronization WhatsApp has been working on multiple device support for a while now though it is yet to confirm the same. We know that such a feature is in development through its beta updates, and again, another beta update has dropped major clues about it leading us to believe WhatsApp may roll it out soon. According to a report by WABetaInfo, the new update- WhatsApp v2.20.196.8 beta for Android has given a glimpse of two features that include advanced search and multiple device support. The…

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New labels for state-affiliated media Twitter accounts

Twitter adds labels for government officials & state-controlled media

New labels for state-affiliated media Twitter accounts Twitter will introduce new labels for accounts and tweets tied to government officials and “state-affiliated media.” “Twitter provides an unmatched way to connect with, and directly speak to public officials and representatives,” the company wrote in the blog post announcing these changes. “This direct line of communication with leaders and officials has helped to democratize political discourse and increase transparency and accountability.” However, Twitter suggested that these labels are part of a larger effort “to protect that discourse because we believe political reach…

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