Google One: Free Photo Uploads Ending On June, 2021.

Google Photos Free Uploads Ending On 1st June 2021. Google Photos has been among the must-have apps for every smartphone user for the last five years. The app gave its users a free cloud storage platform for their images. Users would just allow it to back up images from the device camera roll or any other folder automatically. Unfortunately, this is coming to an end. As of 1st June 2021, Google will start charging users for additional storage once the 15 GB storage has been exhausted. The development is based…

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Google to waive commission fees on products sold via the ‘Buy on Google’ checkout option

Ecommerce startups

Google is making it free for retailers to sell products in search results by waiving fees for sales made via the ‘Buy on Google’ option. ‘Buy on Google’ is a payment option that lets customers buy products without leaving Google search results. The option to buy products directly on Google is made available to customers when they click on shopping listings in search results. Like other online payment providers, Google has always charged a commission fee for sales made through its platform. Now, in a pilot launch, Google is charging…

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Google announced $1M pan-African Fund


In recognition of Safer Internet Day, Google announced a $1M pan-African fund to support innovative ideas around privacy, trust and safety for families online across sub-Saharan Africa. It also launched its landmark child online safety programme, Be Internet Awesome, in South Africa, the Netherlands and Nigeria today. Be Internet Awesome seeks to help minors explore the internet safely and confidently, while the grant will provide funding to help develop further programmes that aim to do this – for children and their families. Funding applications will be requested through an open…

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Google Launched first Developers Space in Lagos

Google Developers space

Google launched its first Google Developers Space in Lagos, Nigeria last month. Previously referred to as the Google Launchpad Space, the Google Developers Space is a hub for African developers, entrepreneurs and startups. Google CEO Sundar Pichai, made a commitment to African entrepreneurs In July 2017,  to start the Launchpad Accelerator Africa program and launch a space to house these efforts in Nigeria. Google launched the Google Developers Space in Lagos to provide that home, and a space where entrepreneurs, developers, VCs and investors can connect and collaborate with each other.…

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Big tech companies accused of Child labor


Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, and Dell have all been named in a federal lawsuit from parents who say their children were injured or killed in cobalt mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, The Guardian first reported. International Rights Advocates , a human rights litigation and advocacy group, filed the suit yesterday in the US District Court for the District of Columbia on behalf of 14 Congolese children and parents, accusing the five major companies named in the suit of “knowingly benefiting from and aiding and abetting the cruel and brutal use of young…

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Google’s Android Go, a lightweight alternative for low-end phones is faster brags the company

Google is redesigning its Android Go — a lightweight alternative of its mobile platform design to run faster and smoothly on low-end phones. In a new blog post, the company says apps on Android 10 Go will now launch about 10 percent faster than they did on the older version. This improvement in speed has also made it possible for Google to include a new form of encryption for Go users without compromising overall performance. The Big G also boasts a series of new features for its lineup of Go…

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Meet Google’s new Gallery Go, an offline, lightweight alternative to Google Photos

Meet Google's new Gallery Go, an offline, lightweight alternative to Google Photos

Gallery Go is a new app from Google designed to let people with unreliable internet connections organize and edit their photos. Like Google’s regular Photos app it uses machine learning to organize your photos. You can also use it to auto-enhance your pictures and apply filters. The difference is that Gallery Go is designed to work offline, and takes up just 10MB of space on your phone. Gallery Go is just the latest lightweight version of an app designed for developing markets like Nigeria, where Google announced the new app.…

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Google cuts ties with Huawei, to stop licensing its Android OS to the Chinese phone maker

Alphabet Inc’s Google has suspended business with Huawei that requires the transfer of hardware, software and technical services except those publicly available via open source licensing, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Sunday, in a blow to the Chinese technology company that the U.S. government has sought to blacklist around the world. Holders of current Huawei smartphones with Google apps, however, will continue to be able to use and download app updates provided by Google, a Google spokesperson said, confirming earlier reporting by Reuters. “We are complying…

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Google’s CSquared parnters with local firms to enhance Africa’s affordable broadband

CSquared, a pan-African broadband infrastructure provider owned by Google and other partners, has said that one of its top priorities is ‘fiberizing’ Africa through affordable broadband internet connectivity. “Fiberizing Africa is about creating value by changing the way Africa perceives internet,” said Lanre Kolade, the newly-appointed CEO of CSquared. “The continent should transition from being just consumers of internet and move to the extra mile of generating its own local content.” Started as a project within Google to build and operate open-access broadband infrastructure in Africa and increase access to…

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Competitive Edge: Tech Giants spent a combined $80 billion last year on big-ticket physical assets stockpile

General Motors Co. and Google couldn’t be more different. GM musters an army of people and machines to produce the 10 million cars it sells each year. What Google makes doesn’t really exist: You type on a laptop or click play on a YouTube video, and Google zips back bits of digital information. But Google parent Alphabet Inc. and the other four dominant U.S. technology companies—Apple, Amazon​.com, Microsoft, and Facebook—are fast becoming industrial giants. They spent a combined $80 billion in the last year on big-ticket physical assets, including manufacturing…

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