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The primary attraction for technology companies is our press office offering. From ICT giants to start-ups, companies use the Press Office service to conduct their public relations in the most fertile environment, attracting dozens of journalists and thousands of readers on a daily basis.

ITBusinessDirect offers an attractive platform  for companies in all sectors and especially technology to submit their latest press releases thereby attracting a global viewership or readers on a daily basis.

Such news include press releases of branding, profile, product launches, case studies, senior staff recruiments, acquisitions an mergers, re-launches among others. At ITB, you will access and make us an essential part of your digital communication strategy that is ideal for positioning your organization better on the web. Find out more by contacting

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ITBusinessDirect allows businesses to build and expand their online presence and reputation in their niche and industry. ITB offers ideal environment to build  and enhance your personal brand.

Who should apply to become an astute ITBusinessDirect Contributor?

  • – Conference speakers
  • – Senior executives
  • – Consultants
  • – Industry experts
  • – Bloggers
  • – Researchers

How to become a contributor?

To be considered as a, submit your contributions accompanied by a contributor bio, profile image, social media and contact details are welcome for consideration by our editorial team.

Are you an expert in your industry? apply to become a contributor by submitting your topical industry news, views and issues to our editorial team. Contact together with a short personal profile, portrait picture and contact details/social media links, at the end of your article.

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