Twitter expands access to its experimental Status feature but not to its paid subscribers

  Twitter expands access to its experimental Status feature but not to its paid subscriber Twitter’s throwback feature,  is today expanding its list of potential status updates to choose from, in a continuation of tests that began this July. The status feature, which is something of a cross between MySpace moods and a Facebook status, allows users to tag posts with an additional expression beyond the tweet itself like “shower thoughts,” “spoiler alert” or “picture of the day.” Other new status options now available include ‘Breaking news’, ‘Games’, ‘Pet of…

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CEO Today Africa Awards DotConnectAfrica Group with an Esteemed Meritorious Award for Extraordinary Achievement in “Best Digital Education”

CEO Today Africa Award

CEO Today Africa Awards DotConnectAfrica Group with an Esteemed Meritorious Award for Extraordinary Achievement in “Best Digital Education”. CEO Today Africa Awards DotConnectAfrica Group with an Esteemed Meritorious Award for Extraordinary Achievement in “Best Digital Education in Africa”  The CEO Today features organizations and their CEOs in Africa and across the globe that are doing extraordinary work in different industries.  According to the DCA press release, The DCA Academy’s objective is to advance education in information technology in African society with a vision of building a world of well digitally…

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Meta moderation panel receives appeals

Meta and Social media

Meta moderation panel receives a appeals The owner of Facebook a Meta moderation panel receives a million appeals against removed posts. Instagram set up the oversight board as an independent body to give users the chance to challenge the company’s often contentious decisions about social media posts. For those updating statuses or posting pictures still on Facebook, you would know posts that include violence, hate speech, or bullying will be taken down But what if Meta gets it wrong? and the content you post isn’t harmful in any way? Meta’s…

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Sophia Bekele DotConnectAfrica Group CEO honored with Awards Across Multiple Continents

Sophia Bekele DotConnectAfrica Group Founder and CEO, also of US-based CBSegroup was honored with multiple awards across continents. Sophia Bekele was honored with the Silicon Valley’s Women of Influence (WOI) Award and the CEO Today Africa Awards. The Women of Influence award “recognizes established business leaders who have accomplished specific achievements in the business world in this innovation region women with a strong record of innovation in their fields, outstanding performance in their businesses, and a clear track record of meaningful community involvement. Women from every industry and profession who…

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Tangerine, A Tech company boosts Financial inclusion in Africa


  Leading financial services and technology platform, Tangerine officially launched on Wednesday 7th July 2021. In September 2019, Tangerine was established following the acquisition of a 100% equity stake in Metropolitan Life Insurance Nigeria by Verod Capital Management, a leading private equity firm investing in growth companies across Anglophone West Africa. Today, Tangerine is positioned to be Africa’s preferred one-stop financial solutions provider, leveraging a tech-driven, flexible, high-access platform to drive business across all the financial services segments in Africa to deepen financial inclusion, facilitate wealth creation, and protection. In…

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WhatsApp’s new privacy terms


WhatsApp’s new privacy terms WhatsApp has long prided itself on its commitment to security and privacy, with encrypted conversations and other important technologies integrated into the app. The announcement that it will be getting new rules – and forcing users to agree to them – has spread fear among the people who rely on the messaging app to stay in touch with friends and family. But the new announcement has sparked fears of the exact opposite: that people’s information is not being kept secret but instead shared with Facebook. But…

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Installation of Huawei 5G banned in the U.K.

  United Kingdom on Monday detailed plans to phase out Huawei from its 5G networks. Come September 2021 carriers installing the Chinese firm’s gear will have to stop. The U.K. government decided to ban 5G equipment from Huawei over the summer. Reversing course after heightened pressure from the United States. Westminster had initially allowed it a limited role in the U. K’s 5G deployment. Washington has imposed devastating sanctions on it. It is claiming that the Shenzhen-based company could enable the government in Beijing to spy on sensitive communications. For…

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Dell anticipates an increase in sales

Dell anticipates an increase in sales Dell foresees a surge in sales as Work From Home and online learning become the new norm. Dell is a multinational IT company based in Texas, United States. It produces desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets, and peripherals, storage solutions, virtualization and cloud services, and infrastructure. Dell Technologies anticipates current-quarter sales above market expectations. The Covid 19 pandemic shifted office work to remote work and online learning. This shift increased demand for the company’s desktops and notebooks, helping it post a surprise rise in third-quarter revenue.…

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Celebrate Name Your PC day November 20.

Name Your PC Day is being celebrated today November 20, 2020, and your personal computer deserves a name. It works tirelessly to keep you in communication with friends and family. In this era, the odds are considerable that the largest number of people spend considerable time in front of a computer. It keeps you connected with work and what’s happening in the world around you. They need to be recognized for making our day to day work easier.  They deserve a name of their own.  Name Your PC Day gives…

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Geographic Information System (GIS) Day

Today, November 18, 2020,  marks the Geographic Information System (GIS) Day. This is a day set aside to celebrate the technology that has come to affect every aspect of our lives. This is from our GPS systems to Google Maps, GIS systems are integrated into everything. They serve to make our lives easier every single day. Thanks to this amazing science, we are able to have our deliveries made on time. Get straight to the house of a new friend without getting lost. The technology is truly amazing. A Geographic…

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