120 Students Embark On The WeThinkCode Two Year Coding Training


120 students in South Africa have begun their 2 year training at the WeThinkCode campus in Johannesburg. According to ItNewsAfrica, WeThinkCode says its mission is to source and train Africa’s future coding talent. A mission that is now well on its way to being achieved after the launch of the first peer-to-peer tertiary IT education academy in Africa.

The 120 students who come from all parts of South Africa were were carefully screened. The course had attracted 30,000 applicants who were asked to play two games online as the first step of the selection process. Those who were successful in the games then proceeded to a 4-week bootcamp where they were rigorously screened and mentored. This is because the two year programme requires discipline and dedication especially because there is no face-to-face- traditional classroom teaching and it comes with total freedom to manage one’s own time to meet deadlines and assignments that are set. Aside from the training, the students will also gain work experience through on-the-job internships during the two year course.

The ambitious undertaking comes at a time when people are realizing the importance of increasing Africa’s involvement in the tech field by equipping the younger generations with the skills necessary to join the field. Corporates are investing in training young people across the continent in a bid to empower them. Peter Alkema, CIO for FNB Business, one of the founding sponsors of WeThinkCode said that the bank’s support of motivated by the critical skills gap in South Africa. He insisted that there was a need for more initiatives of that nature to help the increasing number of unemployed youth and also to secure the economic future of the country.



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