Technology Shapes Future Work

Tech Shapes Future Work

Technology plays a vital role in shaping the work and businesses of the future. Here are several ways in which technology can chart a path for the future: Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI): Automation and AI technologies are transforming various industries by streamlining processes, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. Repetitive and mundane tasks can be automated, allowing employees to focus on more complex and creative work. AI can also provide data-driven insights and decision-making support, improving business outcomes. Remote Work and Collaboration Tools: Advances in communication and collaboration technologies enable remote work…

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Technology’s Involvement in the Pet Care Industry


The pet industry is a growing industry around the world but mostly in USA. Pet owners keep increasing day by day hence making the industry grow. Silicon Valley seems to have itself a new “pet” project. But it’s not just any kind of project. It is for an industry that is projected to be worth $281 billion by 2023. The pet-related business has been gaining grounds, with sales exceeding $225 billion in North America alone in 2018. Whether the economy is tough or not, owners have to take care of their…

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Global Consumer Internet of Things (CIoT) Market to hit USD 143.5 Billion By 2025


New York, NY, Feb. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zion Market Research has published a new report titled “Consumer Internet of Things (CIoT) Market by Node Component (Sensor, Logic Device, Processor, Connectivity IC, and Memory Device), by Network Infrastructure (Storage, Gateway, Ethernet Switch and Routing, and Server), by Solution (Software and Platform), and by Application (Home Security and Smart Domestic, Wearable Technology, Personal Healthcare, Asset Tracking, Smart Office, Smart Homes, and Others): Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast, 2018–2025’’. According to the report, the global consumer internet of things (CIoT)…

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New Intel security flaw allows remote access to corporate laptops by hackers

Remember the latest “Spectre” and “Meltdown” vulnerabilities recently found in the micro-chips that are used in almost all computers, tablets and smartphones today? A new security flaw has been found in Intel hardware by Finish company F-Secure. The new vulnerability could enable hackers to access corporate laptops remotely. F-Secure said in a statement that the flaw was an issue within Intel Active Management Technology (AMT), “which is commonly found in most corporate laptops, (and) allows an attacker to take complete control over a user’s device in a matter of seconds,”…

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Globaldata: Artificial Intelligence (AI) more crucial for IoT than Big Data insights

Artificial intelligence won’t solve every problem, but its current applications are already fundamentally reshaping the way we do business and collect data. While the development of the internet of things has revolutionized heavy industry, online shopping, localized data collection and virtually every other aspect of modern life and business, innovators are still struggling over the future of the IoT, and how they’ll get there. While many see big data as the driving engine behind the IoT, savvy investors and entrepreneurs have shown that the real power behind the interconnectivity phenomenon…

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AI is now at the heart of every innovative economy


How do you solve an enormous problem like stagnant global growth? It would require getting more productivity from people already working flat out. The solution? Well, it comes from something other than people, of course. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to double the GDP growth rates of 12 developed economies by 2035 a study found out. The study, entitled Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Growth, also found that AI could significantly boost labour productivity – by up to 40pc in some cases. Between them, the 12 countries…

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Q&A with Matt Roberts-Davies, M-Changa; Create Innovative Products That Match Local Culture

ITBusiness spoke with Matt Roberts-Davies, the Business Development Manager/Experience Director at M-Changa, a fundraiser management platform that provides cutting edge end-to-end management tools to enhance fundraising success. The session is majorly on the tech trends in Africa and the novelty of the internet of things (IoT). 1. How can you define the technology sector in Kenya? There is a lot of buzz around tech in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. One of the main reasons for this is the success of M-Pesa, a digital wallet that has reached mass adoption in…

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Microsoft launching a new AI startup program in Paris

Microsoft is making efforts to give space for the new start-up ventures that are going make changes for the coming years. The Tech giant is set to focus on artificial intelligence. More and more startups are trying to grasp the AI field and most are new startups. This will certainly create a major impact on the AI startups. This may lead to Microsoft to start their new program for AI at the Station F. Microsoft has had a startup accelerator in the Sentier neighborhood for a few years now. When…

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In the AI Age, “Being Smart” Will Mean Something Completely Different


Artificial intelligence is everywhere, from Apple’s iPhone keyboard to Zillow’s home price estimates. But the prospect of A.I. becoming smarter than people at most tasks is the single biggest thing that drives debates about effects on employment, creativity and even human existence. AI is predicted to be a far more formidable competitor than any human, we will be in a frantic race to stay relevant. This will require human to take their cognitive and emotional skills to a much higher level. Many experts believe that human beings will still be…

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Microsoft to Introduce DNA data storage to its cloud


Humanity has a data storage problem. Now, researchers report that they’ve come up with a new way to encode digital data in DNA to create the highest-density large-scale data storage scheme ever invented and microsoft is implementing this. Microsoft is now developing an apparatus that uses biology to replace tape drives, researchers at the company say. Internally, Microsoft harbors the even more ambitious goal of replacing tape drives, a common format used for archiving information. The tech giant believes that its data center will contain a fully functional DNA storage…

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