Microsoft launching a new AI startup program in Paris

Microsoft is making efforts to give space for the new start-up ventures that are going make changes for the coming years.

The Tech giant is set to focus on artificial intelligence. More and more startups are trying to grasp the AI field and most are new startups. This will certainly create a major impact on the AI startups. This may lead to Microsoft to start their new program for AI at the Station F.

Microsoft has had a startup accelerator in the Sentier neighborhood for a few years now. When Station F opens at the end of June, the company is going to focus exclusively on artificial intelligence with a partnership with INRIA and move everything to the startup campus.

As reported by the TechCrunch, they would select 5 or 6 startups which can be allowed in the ecosystem and with the INRIA and allow more of the startups to grow and move everything to the campus.

And one of the first startups entering the program is The is a French startup which has been building a service that will help you to create and manage the chat bots. They also do hosting of these bots. Some companies are already relying on this startup for their bots.
Microsoft is also planning to help all other startup companies at the Station F with similar developer perks. If you are working in Station F with a startup you will get a free credit on Microsoft Azure as part of their plan to help startups.

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