TECNO new innovations to meet Africans needs

  For the past 15 years, many aspects contributed to Africa’s rapid economic growth. Mobile phones were critical in leading to this growth. Transsion, a Chinese-led group that started in Africa and focuses on emerging markets outside of China. Its brands, such as TECNO, are household names on the continent, where it is today the single biggest smartphone seller. Transsion’s vice-president, Stephen Ha, puts this down to designing phones specifically for the needs of the African consumers. In 2008, it made a strategic decision to focus exclusively on Africa, before…

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Opinion: Factors that will likely shape ecommerce in the second half of 2020

COVID 19 Read consumer

As we enter the second half of 2020, Dan Barker examines the key trends that are set to shape ecommerce, and how retailers can respond to them. The first half of 2020 has been eventful for ecommerce. Of course technical innovation has progressed: Shopify launched a marketplace, Google relaunched organic product listings, Facebook introduced ‘shops’, and thousands of other changes. But much of the first half of 2020 was shaped by a disease named after 2019. The effects of ‘SARS2’ on ecommerce are tough to overstate. Tens of thousands of…

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Microsoft Unveils Microsoft 365 With AI + Cloud-Powered Features

Microsoft 365

Microsoft will be launching it’s new Microsoft personal together with family subscriptions to replace the current office 365. The plan will be available as of 1st April 2020. Both the personal and family option will include access to office alongside other new features that will be rolled out. The personal plan will be retail at $6.99 and $9.99 monthly subscriptions for the family package of up to six persons. Both plans will include everything in the office 365 including desktop office apps.  1TB of Onedrive cloud storage per person, 60…

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AI revolutionizes the contact center in Africa


The contact centre is changing. In the past, call centre agents had to process a large volume of standard calls, really quickly But with the deployment of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) these agents no longer have to carry out incredibly repetitive tasks and can rather focus their attention on tackling more complex customer concerns. For call agents, RPA makes it possible to complete simple tasks across back-end systems, which reduces the amount of time spent on admin, says Adriaan van Staden, senior sales…

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UTU Technologies raised $500k bridge funding

UTU Technologies innovation

UTU Technologies, a Kenyan Block chain & AI startup building on the Aeternity block chain, has raised $500, 000 bridge funding. UTU Technologies was among the companies that graduated from the Aeternity Ventures StarFleet Accelerator program that saw the company initial funding. According to Jason Eisen, CEO, UTU, the total funding raised now is $1.3 million. UTU Technologies is the company behind the ride-hailing app, Maramoja. The app uses a Trust Engine to recommend ‘a social favorite driver’ or rides as opposed to existing apps like Uber and Taxify. Speaking to…

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Emotion detecting Tech should be restricted


A leading research centre has called for new laws to restrict the use of emotion-detecting tech. The AI Now Institute says the field is “built on markedly shaky foundations”. Despite this, systems are on sale to help vet job seekers, test criminal suspects for signs of deception, and set insurance prices. It wants such software to be banned from use in important decisions that affect people’s lives and/or determine their access to opportunities. The US-based body has found support in the UK from the founder of a company developing its…

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AI VS Human News Reporters. Alarming or not?

News reporters

Last year, China’s state-run news agency Xinhua announced the latest addition to its team of news reporters. Qiu Hao, dressed in a pinstripe suit and red tie, made his first broadcast in November. However, unlike his colleagues, the news reporter is not real. “I am the Chinese AI anchor who just joined Xinhua news agency today,” he said, “my appearance and voice are               based on Xinhua news reporter Qiu Hao. But I never need to rest. I offer more than non-stop service 24 hours…

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A world of new possibilities from Mobile apps to the blind and visually impaired


Ask anyone who was around before smartphones, and they’ll tell you life was different. But for Nutsiri “Earth” Kidkul, who went blind eight years ago, life-changing doesn’t begin to describe the impact of mobile apps. Before specialized apps came along, Kidkul would have to plan and prepare much more for basic tasks like grocery shopping, traveling or reading documents. What’s more, Kidkul often needed assistance from other people to go about her day. “I was always at the mercy of their time or schedule,” Kidkul says. Kidkul uses, for example,…

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Intel investing $13M in a startup building an AI chip that can transfer data 1,000 times faster

Intel is investing $13 million in Untether AI, a startup that’s working on a novel type of chip for artificial intelligence that promises to perform neural-network calculations at warp speed. Untether, based in Toronto, Canada, has already developed a prototype device that transfers data between different parts of the chip 1,000 times more quickly than a conventional AI chip. That’s an impressive achievement, but it should be treated cautiously since the prototype is far larger than an actual chip—and because other factors will contribute to the overall performance of the…

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Instagram is making a bold move on fake likes and follows


Instagram is preparing for a huge purge on automated apps people use to leave spammy comments or follow then unfollow others in hopes of growing their audience. Any fake likes and follows from accounts that use third-party services to get more engagement are going to now be removed the company announced as part of policy change today. Instagram says, We’ve built machine learning tools to help identify accounts that use these services and remove the inauthentic activity. This type of behavior is bad for the community, and third-party apps that…

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