Artificial Intelligence Approaches In Database Management Systems.

Database and Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses have been long-standing offerings in computer science curriculums. Due to the present-day need for “intelligent” databases and “knowledge-base” management systems, the technologies of databases and artificial intelligence are increasingly being integrated into research. The growth of data volumes and the need for fast analytical data processing lead to significant efforts to answer these major challenges. Data processing plays a key role and is the leading motivation for research and development in software and hardware technologies. An approach to teaching database and artificial intelligence concepts…

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AI Diagnoses childhood diseases like doctors


An artificial intelligence (AI) programme developed in China that combs through test results, health records and even handwritten notes diagnosed childhood diseases as accurately as doctors, researchers said. From the flu and asthma to life-threatening pneumonia and meningitis, the system consistently matched or out-performed primary care pediatricians, they reported in Nature Medicine. Dozens of studies in recent months have detailed how AI is revolutionizing the detection of diseases including cancers, genetic disorders and Alzheimer’s. AI-based technology learns and improves in a way similar to humans, but has virtually unlimited capacity…

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AI software that helps doctors diagnose like specialists is approved by FDA

For the first time, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved an artificial intelligence (AI) diagnostic device that doesn’t need a specialized doctor to interpret the results. The software program, called IDx-DR, can detect a form of eye disease by looking at photos of the retina. It works like this: A nurse or doctor uploads photos of the patient’s retina taken with a special retinal camera. The IDx-DR software algorithm first indicates whether the image uploaded is high-quality enough to get a result. Then, it analyzes the images to…

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AI is now at the heart of every innovative economy


How do you solve an enormous problem like stagnant global growth? It would require getting more productivity from people already working flat out. The solution? Well, it comes from something other than people, of course. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to double the GDP growth rates of 12 developed economies by 2035 a study found out. The study, entitled Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Growth, also found that AI could significantly boost labour productivity – by up to 40pc in some cases. Between them, the 12 countries…

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