Technology’s Involvement in the Pet Care Industry


The pet industry is a growing industry around the world but mostly in USA. Pet owners keep increasing day by day hence making the industry grow.

Silicon Valley seems to have itself a new “pet” project. But it’s not just any kind of project. It is for an industry that is projected to be worth $281 billion by 2023. The pet-related business has been gaining grounds, with sales exceeding $225 billion in North America alone in 2018. Whether the economy is tough or not, owners have to take care of their furry friends.

There is an expectation that there should be a techie solution to most of their pet-related problems and since most pet owners are not afraid to spend, all technology had to do was to grant their wish. Therefore, several revolutionary innovations are springing up in the pet-care industry. Some of these technologies include Pitpatpet.

Pitpatpet is a fitness tracker that monitors the dog’s activity and determines if it is meeting required levels for the day. Another one includes FitBark which also works in the same way.

The second type of innovation is CleverPet’s hackerpet. As much as one would  like to, you cannot be with your pets 24/7. One of the ways technology has helped tackle this problem is by creating smart physical products that pets can interact with. The innovative service helps not only to preoccupy your pets especially dogs but also improve their cognitive behavior.

These examples are just the beginning. As the demand for smarter products and innovative services increases, so will creative inventions in the pet-care space. The thought of integrating smart solutions, the Internet of Things (IoT) and even Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes exploring this trend intriguing as both a user and developer and for owners, these advancements are a blessing. Knowing that tech’s got both of you covered.

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