SA’s new AI association will promote innovation and education

SA’s new AI association will promote innovation and education

SAAIA seeks to encourage stakeholders in the adoption of responsible AI for the commercial and societal benefit of the citizens of South Africa with a primary focus on economic growth, trade, investment, equality and inclusivity.

The founding advisory board of SAAIA comprises notable entities such as Michalsons and Webber Wentzel law firms, the Western Cape government, Tshwane University of Technology, the Technology Innovation Agency, and various AI start-ups, including Zindi.

Dr Nick Bradshaw, the founder of SAAIA, stated, “Our research has shown that AI and related automation technologies are currently impacting over 120 traditional industries globally and creating new opportunities and challenges in a timescale never seen before.

“The speed of this disruption is faster than any other industrial revolution that has gone before it.”

“Our community at Zindi is made up of 65 K data scientists from fifty nations; plus hundreds of organizations. SAAIA brings all of these groups to innovate and uplift AI social equity inclusively.” Celina Lee, Zindi CEO and Co-founding member of SAAIA.

With the right guidance and institutions, AI (Artificial Intelligence) will elevate economic growth, trade, investment, equality and inclusivity in South Africa and across the continent.

SAAIA gets help from well-known South African institutions and development groups from other countries, like GIZ and the German Agency for International Cooperation. This big group of people shows how important it is for South Africa and the rest of the region to work together to get the most out of AI.

Celina Lee is the CEO of Zindi and a member of the advisory board of SAAIA. She says that South Africa’s economic growth and its people’s improvement depend on ethical AI.

On Wednesday, July 19, 2023, Zindi representatives will hold a party in Pretoria to mark the official start of SAAIA. This event aims to mark the start of a new era of AI research and collaboration in South Africa by bringing together key stakeholders and AI fans.

With the creation of SAAIA and its focus on AI education, responsible adoption, and inclusion, South Africa is ready to use AI to improve society, the economy grows, and give everyone more chances.

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