Artificial Intelligence Approaches In Database Management Systems.

Database and Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses have been long-standing offerings in computer science curriculums. Due to the present-day need for “intelligent” databases and “knowledge-base” management systems, the technologies of databases and artificial intelligence are increasingly being integrated into research.

The growth of data volumes and the need for fast analytical data processing lead to significant efforts to answer these major challenges. Data processing plays a key role and is the leading motivation for research and development in software and hardware technologies.

An approach to teaching database and artificial intelligence concepts emphasizing their capabilities, limitations, and the need for integrating their technologies is proposed.

AI can be applied to perform tasks such as scheduling and planning, which are difficult or tedious jobs that most managers do daily. By applying Artificial Intelligence to tasks such as scheduling and planning, managers will be able to focus more of their time on other important duties that are necessary to grow their businesses.

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