Google to waive commission fees on products sold via the ‘Buy on Google’ checkout option

Ecommerce startups

Google is making it free for retailers to sell products in search results by waiving fees for sales made via the ‘Buy on Google’ option. ‘Buy on Google’ is a payment option that lets customers buy products without leaving Google search results. The option to buy products directly on Google is made available to customers when they click on shopping listings in search results. Like other online payment providers, Google has always charged a commission fee for sales made through its platform. Now, in a pilot launch, Google is charging…

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Office 365 is now Microsoft 365


On April 21, Office 365 became Microsoft 365.  Microsoft’s Office 365 personal and family subscription suite will be renamed Microsoft 365 in a move that heralds an effort by the company to win over more consumer users. Seeking to make a point with the rebranding, Microsoft calls it “a subscription service for your life,” which might conjure visions of Amazon Prime. Microsoft 365 will cost $6.99 per month, and a six-user, $9.99 family plan will also be offered. Its apps will be available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It will…

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Facebook to invest $57 Billion in Africa’s economy in next five years

Facebook’s to invest $57 Billion in Africa’s Economy in next five years

Facebook has released findings from a study conducted by Analysys Mason called The Impact of Facebook’s Connectivity Initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa, that highlights how its investments in infrastructure and connectivity across the region will deliver over $57 Billion in Economic Benefits over the next five years (2020–2024). According to The Economist Intelligence Unit – Inclusive Internet Index 2020, over 800 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa are unconnected to the Internet. Facebook’s infrastructure investments and connectivity initiatives include the following: Investing in Infrastructure that supports Internet connectivity Submarine cables – Will enable…

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Kenya’s MumsVillage in merger with Nigeria’s BabyBliss to build a larger eCommerce platform

Bliss Group Africa.: Mothering and childcare focused e-commerce companies BabyBliss Nigeria and MumsVillage Kenya have merged to create a pan-African entity

Mothering and childcare focused e-commerce companies BabyBliss Nigeria and MumsVillage Kenya have merged to create a pan-African entity Bliss Group Africa, providing what they say is an “unparalleled omnichannel commerce, community and content offering”. The mum and baby e-commerce opportunity currently stands at an estimated $2 billion in Kenya and $5 billion in Nigeria. Thanks to COVID-19, the e-commerce market has experienced explosive growth. What began as a trend has now become a behemoth estimated to grow at over 60 per cent in both markets. Jika further adds that, “they…

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Instagram Rolls Out New ‘Personal Fundraiser’ Feature For Crowdfunding

Instagram Fundraiser

The coronavirus pandemic has upsurged the number of crowdfunding campaigns for hospital bills, funeral expenses, and other coronavirus-related causes, and now Instagram has announced Personal Fundraiser, a new tool that lets users raise money for personal causes. Soon people in the US, UK, and Ireland to raise money for their own personal causes. The company is launching the feature today as an initial test on Android phones, with iPhones to follow, after already making personal fundraising available to Facebook users. Personal Fundraiser will be available to people over the age…

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Phishing scam emails ask users to renew their Microsoft Office 365 subscription

Microsoft Office 365 Transcribe in Word

Phishing campaigns work by impersonating some well-known organization or brand, and that certainly includes a company like Microsoft. With products like Windows, Office, Outlook, and OneDrive prevalent among consumers and businesses, Microsoft is a tempting target for cybercriminals to spoof. Two recent phishing attacks analyzed by security provider Abnormal Security use a subscription renewal as the pitch to trap unsuspecting users. Abnormal Security described in a Friday blog post, two separate phishing campaigns, both of which impersonate actual notices from Microsoft. The goal is to steal sensitive information from the…

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Taking on Zoom and Slack? Google Gmail redesign integrates Chat, Meet & collaboration

Google Meet Gmail

Google is making its popular Gmail app more of a productivity powerhouse. The Alphabet subsidiary is incorporating more applications into the business version of Gmail so that users don’t need to switch to other apps or browser tabs, It could help keep employees satisfied with the company’s business software and not want to adopt alternative services, such as Slack or Zoom. Google seemingly has a big Gmail redesign in the works that could let you collaborate with colleagues, work on Google Docs, and talk over Google Meet all without leaving…

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Instagram rolls out Pinned Comments feature to everyone

Instagram Pinned Comments

After Instagram first announced that it was testing the option back in May, the platform has today confirmed that all users can now get up to three Pinned comments within their post-interaction streams. Instagram’s VP of Product, Vishal Shah, took to Twitter to announce that you can now pin a few (of what will likely be your favorite) comments to the top of the comments thread on your posts. Today we’re rolling out pinned comments everywhere 📌 That means you can a pin a few comments to the top of…

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Snapchat reportedly testing a TikTok-style navigation in Discover

Snapchat was launched in circa 2012 with the objective of communicating a full range of emotions through images. May years later, it has a range of features built around conversations originating from visual imagery. Although Snapchat has always been counted among the top social media apps with approximately 230 million daily active users across the world, it has never witnessed a moment of meteoric rise as other apps including Instagram and TikTok. As TikTok’s popularity now appears to be headed towards a downfall, other apps are integrating the vertical video…

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Strive Masiyiwa’s Venture Vaya Africa, launches an electric taxi service

Vaya Africa, a ride-hail mobility venture founded by Zimbabwean mogul Strive Masiyiwa, has launched an electric taxi service and charging network in Zimbabwe with plans to expand across the continent.

Vaya Africa, a ride-hail mobility venture founded by Zimbabwean mogul Strive Masiyiwa, has launched an electric taxi service and charging network in Zimbabwe with plans to expand across the continent. Vaya Africa, a company registered in Mauritius, responsible for the transport of people and goods in Africa and the generation of adjacent revenues in this sector, launched a new product on the Zimbabwean market. It is the electric vehicles called “Vaya Electric”. The South African headquarters of Vaya Africa has acquired a series of Nissan Leaf electric vehicles and has…

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