Microsoft Office 365 subscription Scam

Microsoft Office 365 Transcribe in Word

Microsoft Office 365 subscription Scam Phishing campaigns work by impersonating some well-known organization or brand, and that certainly includes a company like Microsoft. With products like Windows, Office, Outlook, and OneDrive prevalent among consumers and businesses, Microsoft is a tempting target for cybercriminals to spoof. Two recent phishing attacks analyzed by security provider Abnormal Security use a subscription renewal as the pitch to trap unsuspecting users. Abnormal Security described in a Friday blog post, two separate phishing campaigns, both of which impersonate actual notices from Microsoft. The goal is to…

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Phishing Makes It Easy To Hijack Accounts

Cyber-thieves grab almost 250,000 valid log-in names and passwords for Google accounts every week, suggests research. The study by Google and UC Berkeley looked at the ways email and other accounts get hijacked. It used 12 months of log-in and account data found on websites and criminal forums or which had been harvested by hacking tools. Google said the research helped secure accounts by showing how people fell victim to scammers and hackers. During the 12 months studying the underground markets, the researchers identified more than 788,000 credentials stolen via…

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How to spot a phishing email

Phishing emails flow into inboxes year-round, especially during the holidays. Here are some clues to help your users spot “fishy” emails. Every day these countless phishing emails are sent to unsuspecting victims all over the world. While some of these messages are so outlandish that they are obvious frauds, others can be a bit more convincing. So how do you tell the difference between a phishing message and a legitimate message? Unfortunately, there is no one single technique that works in every situation, but there are a number of things…

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