Future Jobs to look out for in the coming years.

Technology is day by day becoming the way of life for each an every one of us. This igoing to affect employment industry in the near future. We cannot simply dare to escape its existence, growth and interruption in our lives is bound to increase. This applies to our sources of income, our daily jobs which have been fully revolutionized by technology. Most jobs which were manually done by hands have been replaced by machines reducing the man power required. Interestingly new jobs have also been created by technology, a…

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Twitter Launches Voice Tweets for the Human Touch

platform hint job Twitter's CEO Voice Tweets Gryphon

Twitter has hit the ground with a new feature Wednesday that allows users to tweet out voice tweets or notes in place of traditional text posts. Everyone on the platform will soon be able to send voice tweets, the company announced Wednesday . Users will have to option to share audio recordings of up to 140 seconds directly to their feed to accompany the text, photos, videos, and GIFs they already can share with their followers. The new feature is available first on iOS and launching today for “a limited…

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Rush to digitization during the COVID 19 Crisis Should perpetuate financial exclusion


The economic effect of the current global COVID-19 lockdown will be severe. An essential focus for supporting the economic rebound is to invest in efforts to deepen economic integration and further lower trade costs. Digitization, and the creation of specialized ecosystems, will be the single most efficient approach to reduce trade cost on a global scale, which will benefit all countries currently impacted by COVID-19. A robust technical infrastructure and end-to-end digital processes (“paper-less”) are key elements to safeguard productivity during disastrous events. First-response actions such as implementing business continuity…

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COVID-19 crisis could accelerate African businesses toward innovation and digitization

Mali based insurtech startup OKO Finance helps rural farmers access crop insurance innovation

McKinsey recently released a report titled, “Reopening and reimagining Africa: How the COVID-19 crisis can catalyze change,” which recommends policies aimed to help Africa use the crisis as an opportunity to create a recovery that features a more inclusive economy, more competitive industries, and more resilient services The report recommends using the pandemic as an opportunity to accelerate digital transformation across the continent. Figure 1 highlights a number of industries poised for swift growth in digitization following the pandemic. Among these, some are already relatively digitized, such as information and…

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2020 survey lists the most admired African brands

Africa brands

The survey which started 10 years ago, is now seen as the most authoritative survey, analysis, and metric of African brands. It is a consumer-led survey that seeks to establish brand preferences across Africa. The respondents of this survey are 18 years and older, in 27 countries which collectively represent 50% of the continent, covering all economic regions and accounting for an estimated 80% of the population and the GDP of Africa. American sports and fitness giant, Nike takes the top spot for the third year in a row. MTN…

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The New Ethiopian Government to address the grievances raised over the issue of diaspora shares confiscated by NBE

Ethiopian birr NBE diaspora shares

Ethiopia’s parliament recently passed a bill to open up the country’s financial sector to an estimated five million citizens living abroad or with dual nationality, including allowing them to buy shares in local banks and start lending businesses. Reports Reuters The changes are part of a raft of economic reforms initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed when he came to power last year, partly aimed at boosting the country’s foreign exchange reserves, which had dropped precariously low. “The law will enable the Ethiopian born diaspora to take part in the…

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EurAfrican Forum 2019: Siyanda Mohutsiwa: “A shared imagination is behind some of society’s greatest achievements”

A Conversation Between Presidents Eurafrican Forum 2019, July 4-5 EAF19_BoaOnda

CASCAIS, July 9, 2019 For the second year, Portugal was the stage of the EurAfrican Forum 2019, that gathered 450 participants from Europe and Africa on July 4-5, with the theme “Partnership of Equals: Sharing Values, Sharing Prosperity” – a new approach and paradigm for the relationship between Europe and Africa, changing the narrative for both continents to create an accountable, prosperous and sustainable future together. As Siyanda Mohutsiwa, Satirical Writer from Botswana and living in the USA stated, “A shared imagination is behind some of society’s greatest achievements: technology,…

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EurAfrican Forum 2019: Chef Elijah Amoo Addo Confirmed To Address About How Food Can Foster Stronger Relations Between Europe And Africa

Chef Elijah Amoo Addo Confirmed To Address About How Food Can Foster Stronger Relations Between Europe And Africa EurAfrican Forum 2019

CASCAIS, May 31, 2019, The EurAfrican Forum organization announced today that chef Elijah Amoo Addo, founder and CEO of the Food for All Africa, will deliver a pitch about how food can be a link between people and regions to establish stronger relations for Europe and Africa on the first day of the event, July 4, at the Forum’s lunch. “The EurAfrican Forum is a major platform which addresses the realities of Europe’s influence on Africa and the need for Europeans to work with youth led African organizations and entrepreneurs…

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Second Edition EurAfrican Forum 2019 to take place in July themed, Partnership of Equals: Sharing Values, Sharing Prosperity

EurAfrican Forum, an action-oriented platform that aims to foster stronger collaboration between Europe and Africa, has been scheduled for July 219. The second edition is themed “Partnership of Equals: Sharing Values, Sharing Prosperity” – a new approach and paradigm for the relationship between Europe and Africa, changing the narrative for both continents to create an accountable, prosperous and sustainable future together. The Forum is a networking and discussion platform underpinned on the power of Diasporas for connecting people, cities, regions and continents. By invitation only, EurAfrican Forum’s event gathers prominent…

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Amazon retreats from its China business in defeat, could it also mean anything for its India market?

Amazon CloudFront Edge

Is it possible that the almighty Amazon, global dominator of all things retail and pulveriser of hapless competitors, has finally conceded defeat in China? It certainly seems that way, as the US-based global e-commerce Goliath announced it would bring the curtain down on its Chinese marketplace business in July and will revert to offering only overseas products to domestic Chinese customers. “We are notifying sellers we will no longer operate a marketplace on Amazon.cn, and we will no longer be providing seller services on Amazon.cn effective July 18,” the company…

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