Online music piracy in the UK drops by a third

In the last year, us Brits downloaded a third fewer pirated music tracks than the year before. According to figures from Ofcom, the number of such songs we snaffled fell from 301 million in March 2012 to 199 million in March this year, the Guardian reports. So maybe we’re less a bunch of Fun Lovin’ Criminals than before.

The music industry is said to be on the road to recovery, with total revenues increasing for the first time this year since 1999, although they only went up by 0.3 per cent. And there’s more bad news from Ofcom too. So maybe don’t break out the party poppers just yet.

Piracy is still pretty rife on these shores, it seems. One in six people using the Internet in the UK illegally streamed or downloaded files in the last year, and 9 per cent pirated music between March and May. Of everyone who listened to music online during those three months, more than a quarter did so illegally. Adapted from

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