Facebook ’s New Feature; Discover People, Helps users get social


Facebook has always made it easy to find friends you already have in real life who are on the social network. To enable users connect with new users, Facebook is rolling out a new feature called “Discover People,” which  aims to leverage local events to connect like-minded strangers in person. Before using the feature, Facebook prompts users to update their profiles, but doesn’t change your privacy settings, so you’re still apt to get only a limited snapshot of potential pals as you scroll through Facebook’s lists. The company confirmed to…

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Samsung Pay to launch in India in first half of 2017


Samsung plans to launch its Samsung Pay mobile payment solution in India in the first half of 2017, according to a person familiar with the matter Mashable Reports. For bringing Samsung Pay in India, the company has partnered with American Express (Amex), said the person, adding that the company may be exploring opportunities with giants such as Visa and MasterCard as well. American Express has been one of the partners of Samsung for the epayment solutions in several other regions including the USA, South Korea and Australia. Elsewhere, Samsung has…

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Viber now lets users set photos and videos to disappear after they’re viewed


Viber, one of the most popular encrypted chat apps,rolled out what it calls “secret messages,” to give users even more control over their communications. The feature lets users designate which photos or videos stay in the archives of a chat before they hit “send.”Viber  already let users delete a conversation from both their own phone, and that of recipients’ phones. Tech Crunch reports that the new, secret messaging feature lets users set a timer for images they want to share, but that they don’t want to be included in the archives,…

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Samsung Unveils new ‘Galaxy A series’


Samsung has introduced its latest smartphone model, the Galaxy A series. The electronics giant on Monday introduced its updated Galaxy A series phones: the 5.7-inch A7, 5.2-inch A5 and 4.7-inch A3. The 2017 versions of these phones come with a handful of upgrades, like IP68 water and dust resistance and improved 16-megapixel front- and rear-facing cameras. The phone which comes with a sleek look coupled with beautiful design, powerful performance and ultimate convenience is set to hit the Ghanaian market after its recent global launch. Samsung’s Galaxy A range of…

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Google starts testing Instant Apps

Instant App

Android Instant Apps are now one step closer to reality after Google started their pilot testing. These new kinds of apps are meant to help bridge the gap between web apps and native apps. The idea is to break native apps into very small packets that, because they are so small, can run almost instantly — and without having to go to an app store — when you tap on a URL. According to Tech Crunch, Google says that it has been working with a small number of developers to test the…

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Twitter is shutting down its business app, Twitter Dashboard


Twitter Dashboard, the app aimed at business users, is shutting down on February 3 — just over seven months since it was launched. However, its demise may not be so bad for the larger Twitter community. Twitter released the new app called Dashboard which was designed to help businesses make the most of their Twitter presence without having to refer to third-party options. Dashboard was described as a “a powerful tool designed to help businesses connect with their customers and community.” Among its features is a customized feed, tweet scheduling, personalized notifications, and tweet recommendations. In a…

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Facebook artificial intelligence technology lets blind people ‘see’ photos


As the internet becomes dominated by images, Facebook is launching a system which can “read” photos and tell visually impaired people what appears in them using the Artificial Intelligence technology. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Facebook’s  servers can now decode and describe images uploaded to the site and provide them in a form that can be read out by a screen reader. The new accessibility technology is intended to allow blind and visually-impaired people to share and take part in photos on Facebook. As the internet is changing from a medium based…

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Evolution of enterprise mobility will continue in 2017

Internet of things

With businesses more commonly embracing mobile-centric strategies throughout 2016, it’s easy to view the past year as a tipping point where companies became serious about mobility. However this doesn’t mean that innovation in enterprise mobility is going to slow down, and 2017 should see the industry accelerate faster than ever. In fact the move toward a mobile only workplace may be happening quicker than many businesses realize, with the recently released Gartner Predicts 2017 Mobile Apps and Their Development forecasting that that by 2022, 70 percent of all software interactions…

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Nokia Sues Apple For Patent Infringement


Five years after Apple and Nokia settled a lawsuit, the tech giants have again locked horns over patents with Apple filing an anti-trust lawsuit against third-party companies Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs) that act on Nokia’s behalf, and the Finland-based firm suing Apple directly. “We’ve always been willing to pay a fair price to secure the rights of patents covering technology in our products,” said Apple spokesman Josh Rosenstock. “Unfortunately, Nokia has refused to license their patents on a fair basis and is now using the tactics of a patent troll…

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WhatsApp to End Support Of Devices With Old Versions Of iOS And Android

WhatsApp launches end-to-end encryption on messages for all its users

Instant messaging App Whatsapp, will pull plug for devices running the older versions of mobile operating systems by the end of 2016. WhatsApp, the leading instant messaging client in the entire world, connects people globally without geographical barriers. In February this year, the application administrators announced that its services are being used by 1 billion users across the world but will be unavailable for some users. According to Apple, 63% of iOS devices are running on iOS 10, 29 % on iOS 9 and only 8 % on previous versions of…

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