Facebook ’s New Feature; Discover People, Helps users get social


Facebook has always made it easy to find friends you already have in real life who are on the social network. To enable users connect with new users, Facebook is rolling out a new feature called “Discover People,” which  aims to leverage local events to connect like-minded strangers in person.

Before using the feature, Facebook prompts users to update their profiles, but doesn’t change your privacy settings, so you’re still apt to get only a limited snapshot of potential pals as you scroll through Facebook’s lists.

The company confirmed to TechCrunch that the feature is just starting to roll out to users on iOS and Android, but has not reached 100% of the user base at this time.

“Discover People,” if available to you, is found in the navigation section below Friends, Events, Groups, Nearby Places, and other options. Facebook commonly adds and removes new features here as means of testing user engagement and interest. For example, this is where you’ll find more recent additions, like Offers, Find Wi-Fi, and Send or Receive Money, to name a few.

The new feature is also interesting because is shows that Facebook is thinking about how it can better connect nearby people who share the same interests. The company is often thinking of new ways to bring people together.


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