Apple Music on Android catches up with iOS

Apple’s subscription streaming service, Apple Music, rolled out a major (ver. 2.0) release to Android users today, introducing a new design that largely brings the app to parity with its iOS counterpart.

The update includes a visual makeover, which organizes content into a few main sections – Library, For You, Browse, and Radio – as on iOS. However, it’s clear that Apple Music for Android is not a priority for Apple, despite its seeming intentions to compete with rival services like Spotify or the now on-demand Pandora, for instance.

In addition, the update has surprisingly not addressed one of users’ complaints with the earlier version: the sign-in bug. On select devices (it’s clear from Google Play comments this is not a universal complaint), users are asked to enter their Apple ID verification code in order to complete their sign in upon first launch, after entering their Apple ID and password.

The company announced it had reached 20 million paying customers as of December, and a new third-party report put that figure at 40+ million monthly uniques when free trial customers are included.

Despite Apple’s inattention to its Android app, Apple Music has been growing steadily thanks to its built-in status as the default music app on iOS devices.

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