YouTube adds a new section for displaying additional credits for songs

YouTube will now provide additional information for songs with a section called “music in this video,” found within the “show more” area that can be expanded underneath videos.

The new “music in this video” section will be available on over half a billion videos, and it will provide a more in-depth look at the credits associated with a song. For example in  for Camila Cabello’s “Havana,” the “music in this video” section shows all the contributing artists (in this case, Young Thug), the songwriters involved, the labels and publishers who represent them, and when available, a link to the artist’s official channel and the song’s official music video. This information will appear on songs uploaded directly to artist channels as well as fan-uploaded content featuring recorded music. 

Providing proper credits to songs is an issue many online streaming platforms have had to contend with. In 2016, YouTube reached a settlement reported to be between $30 and $40 million with the National Music Publishers Association to pay royalties to songwriters. That’s about the same size as a deal also reached by Spotify with the group.

The problem is primarily lack of data for online music, but partnerships between online platforms and record labels, music publishers, and music rights societies are helping to bridge these information gaps. This is what helped Spotify debut a new songwriter credits feature on desktop earlier this year, and it’s in part what’s helped YouTube create “music in this video.” YouTube says it’s also aided by the technology behind its Content ID system, but that’s an area that could arguably still use improvement, as it still has problems flagging illegally uploaded content.

Still, the addition of this section is a welcome addition from YouTube that will help aid in funneling credit — and the money that comes along with it — to the right people. “Music in this video” will be available on both desktop and the YouTube app.

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