The Price Of Ignoring Your Privacy & Internet Security


Social Media, cloud based networking, streaming video services, all modern applications of all forms of Technology, even down to basic consumer level implementations such as your operating system and instant messenger, are dual edged swords.

On the one hand, high tech engineering in combination with communications technology such as the internet, are an asset to the world, simplifying our lives and greatly improving productivity on all levels. On the other, these modern necessities place our personal lives at risk in ways that most would not think to consider. Awareness of threats present is the first step towards self-protection, and in turn a safe experience online.

Choose What Services To Use, And What To Share, With Extreme Care!

The activities and personal lives of humans can be questionable at times. If you participate in an exercise that you would rather not have others know about then it would seem wise to not have it on the internet, online activity always has footprints. Even if your data, personal details and other sensitive information are protected by promises, security technology or anything else for that matter, please know that doors will be forced if not open.

Exploits are constantly found, backdoors allowing access to matters thought to be private will be created or discovered, either by accident or by means of sheer determination.

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