Liquid Telecom sees sudden increase of African content on network

Liquid Telecom

African Telco, Liquid Telecom revealed a sharp rise in the proportion of local content on its network, from 20 percent three years ago to now 50 percent. According to the company, this has been driven by the deepening of Africa’s internet infrastructure.

Mathew Chigwende, Head of Data Networks at Liquid Telecom, reported that three factors – the ongoing climb in the number of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) serving the continent; the expansion of CDN Content Delivery Networks in Africa; and the interconnection between telcos and ISPs – were together seeing the proportion of data being uploaded to, or fetched from, outside Africa fall by 10 percentile points a year.

“We’re now confident we shall reach the Internet Society’s target of 80 per cent local content on Africa’s Internet infrastructure by 2020,” he said.

Liquid Telecom is present and actively peering at 15 IXPs, up from 13 last year, and 8 in 2013. As a result they are officially ranked by Renesys/Dyn to be the most peered African operator and the only African operator in the top 100 global peering rankings. Adopted from

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