LinkedIn opens video uploads to all

Video is the name of the game in social networking.

If you’ve been on LinkedIn recently, you may have noticed that some users are making and sharing videos, basically turning the social network into a more professional version of YouTube or Facebook Live. Following this initial testing period, video will soon be available to all users. On iOS and Android, the LinkedIn app is getting a “video” button that will let you record a new video or upload one you’ve already taken.

The new feature will be available to many users, and the company will roll it out globally over the next few weeks. The idea will be to let users create videos that highlight their professional work: projects that have been finished or are in progress; product demonstrations; and other work-related videos that highlight what you do. It looks and feels very much like a video launch for the non-Snapchat set.

For those who might not know where to start but think it might be a good idea to upload some video, LinkedIn has taken the very un-Snapchatty route of providing some direction and pointers.

LinkedIn hasn’t been known as the fastest moving of social networks over the years. Run a short Google search on the words “LinkedIn” and “finally” on TC or across the wider web and you can see the story of how it was late(r) to the party on mobile (Android, iPad and later giving more parity to the mobile and web experiences), on other advanced features for users to communicate and share news, on targeting the developing world and more.

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