Q&A with Ethel Cofie, Co-Founder Women in Tech Africa, and EDEL Technology Consulting

This is a QnA with the CEO of EDEL Technology Consulting, a custom software and digital products company and Founder of Women in Tech Africa, Africa’s largest women in tech group with members in over 30 Africa countries and physical chapter in Ghana, Kenya and London.  It was featured on Women’s Forum.

Women’s Forum: Why did you choose to be a speaker at the Women’s Forum Mauritius 2016?

I have always been passionate about technology, innovation, women leadership and empowerment. The theme (Bringing more women and youth into the innovation movement) on which I will speak at the forum aligns with my goal and is also one of the reasons why I founded Women In tech Africa; the realization that the percentage of women and men in the tech industry is minimal.  I saw this as an opportunity to share my experience and provide my thoughts on how the theme can be achieved. Secondly, because it is a privilege to  share the stage with other great women who are having an impact such as the President of the Republic of Mauritius H.E. Dr Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, the Managing Director of IMF  Christine Lagarde among other women.

Women’s Forum: In your opinion, what more is needed to improve women’s advancement in Small Island Developing States like Mauritius and Africa?

Technology. A lot more women need to go into ICT. Young ladies must be encouraged to take up ICT courses so we have a handful of women developers.

Women’s Forum: Tell us more about Women in Tech Africa and its mission.

I run two organizations, EDEL technology Consulting and Women in tech Africa. EDEL Technology Consulting provides IT services for international organizations including the World Bank, Dalex Finance, Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) and Clean Team Ghana among others. EDEL Technology Consulting is currently working with United States Africa development fund (USADF) to build a micro working platform to help shape the future of work across Africa ; and recently won the IT Consulting firm on the Year in the GITTA 2016 Awards in Ghana

Women in tech Africa was born from my own experience of being the only women who worked on a project in Nigeria. When I started working in the tech environment I felt I needed a network of other women who do what I do to be able to network with each other, share ideas and even for support. Women in tech Africa is the largest women in tech group globally with over 2000 members in  30 countries with physical chapters in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and London. WITA mission is in three folds:

  • Creating today’s female leaders and role Models for tomorrow’s Women
  • Showing the world what a strong African woman in capable of achieving
  • Support African growth through technology

Women’s Forum: As Founder of Women in Tech Africa and CEO & Founder of EDEL Technology Consulting, what advice would you give to aspiring women leaders?

 “Remember the mistakes you make are all part of learning, so instead of overthinking things just do it, and on your way down you will figure it out”

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