Oculus founder thinks virtual reality can disrupt more than just video games

For now, Luckey admits, the video game industry is the best place for pioneers to work on VR. “It’s the only industry with the talent to create 3D environments,” he says.

Oculus Rift’s Palmer Luckey Wants Virtual Reality To Disrupt Your Industry Too

Oculus 3D Headsets

Palmer Luckey is a guy with a definite vision, one of virtual reality transforming not only how video games are played in the living room—but also changing the way teachers conduct their classroom, how doctors perform surgeries at a hospital.

Consider, Luckey says, the opportunity of allowing every school child to see the Liberty Bell or the Smithsonian rather than sending only the most privileged to those historical sights. Or giving a new surgeon the ability to study a procedure by actually stepping into the operating theater via a VR headset. “There are lots of scenarios for virtual reality that are really important,” says the 22-year-old Luckey, founder of Oculus Rift.

Adapted from Forbes

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