The Popular Social Media is no longer social, chat Bots are taking over

chat bots

The rise of social bots has thrown up a wide range of new issues in the social media world. Chat bots have become a common part of online interaction for major consumer companies and celebrities. The popular networking scene is slowly turning out to be unsocial as robots are taking over the communications with users disguising themselves as humans.

As technology develops, robots as well improve their interactions with humans trying to emulate and possibly alter their behavior.

Currently, celebrities are using Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to lend a personal touch to their interactions with fans clearly indicating that he next frontier of social media is a deliberately impersonal one. chat bots, a low-level form of artificial intelligence that can be harnessed to send news updates, push promotional content and even test new material are gaining popularity.

As A.I. develops, everything is going to go into a mixed-reality world. Social media is headed to another phase where you could dial up a hologram of your favorite pop star and have ‘real conversations’ with the artificially intelligent version of that person. But do we still call that social?

Octane AI, founded about a year ago, is one of a handful of technology companies tailoring these programs to the entertainment industry, with clients including Interscope Records, the label behind Maroon 5 and 30 Seconds to Mars. Matt Schlicht, Octane AI’s chief executive, said that with more than a billion users, Messenger  was too large for celebrities to ignore. And once they are paying attention, his company’s bots can help them make efficient use of it.

Chatbots’ high engagement rates may be helped by their novelty. But as they spread, they will have to be reconciled with the sour perception of bots among the general public, which has been building for years because of the use of bots in fake social-media accounts.

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