New Update Makes Twitter Look Like Tweetdeck on Windows 10

Twitter’s Windows 10 app has now received a useful feature with its latest update as the company has now added Tabs to make it more like TweetDeck PC Tech reports.

Apart from the Tabs, with the latest update, pinned tweets can now be viewed and created inside the app, the number of replies for each tweet will now be visible, and Direct Messages can now display rich content instead of just plain text links.

TweetDeck, which was launched in 2008 and acquired by Twitter three years later and , has been popular among hard-core users because of its dashboard-style approach to organizing a large number of feeds. Twitter killed TweetDeck for Windows after updating Windows 10 Twitter app in 2016 to build a simpler, more intuitive experience for all Twitter users.

Even though the app still won’t be able to offer a column-like view present in TweetDeck, the Tabs feature will allow users to easily switch between their search results, profile, timeline etc. This new feature essentially lets users to browse Twitter through the Windows 10 app with much ease and serves to make the app more convenient to use.

Notably, users can also choose to hide all the tabs at once or even choose to disable the feature if they want.

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