ICANN and Your Internet Abuse

In spite of the material we were presented with in Durban something has gone very wrong inside of ICANN Compliance. KnujOn has published a report which demonstrates that ICANN Compliance appears to completely collapse between September 2012 and December 2012. Following December 2012, ICANN seems to stop responding to or processing any complaints. It is around this time certain compliance employees start disappearing. This was not limited to the Sydney office as some would have us believe, all while we have been given assurances the compliance team was being ramped up not down. The accepted budget has 20 Compliance staffers listed but in reality there are only 14 employees with another ubiquitous staff member vanished from the roster. Six phantom employees is a lot.

We can see the impact of this within the report as 8000 plus complaints were not process effectively or simply did not get processed at all. This report was very much a follow up to a previous report which shows the lack of enforcement in detail. The report speaks for itself in its multiple examples. However, let us focus on one, which given the history and details is completely unacceptable. Adapted from CircleID

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