France, Germany Seek Help From Tech Firms in Policing Terrorism Online

France GermanyOfficials Expect Companies Like Twitter, Facebook, Google to Pre-Emptively Remove Content on Terrorism Online

LILLE, France—France and Germany demanded that U.S. tech companies help them police terrorism on the Internet, escalating European efforts to wrangle more law-enforcement help from Silicon Valley.

Top law-enforcement officials from the two countries said on Tuesday they expect U.S. Internet and social-networking companies like Twitter Inc., Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. to pre-emptively remove terror content from their services—or face new laws aimed at forcing them to do so in order to fight Terrorism Online.

They join the U.K., which has for months been pressing Internet firms to take a more proactive role in removing extremist content, including material that isn’t necessarily illegal, such as videos of sermons by radical preachers or posts by extremists encouraging Westerners to join the fight in Syria.

“Just because the vast majority of this content is found on American services doesn’t reduce their impact on French people,” French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said at a cybersecurity conference. “We won’t succeed in our fight against terrorism unless Internet actors start taking responsibility.” …..Read on bout Terrorism Online

Adapted from WSJ

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