Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Becomes the 475th City To Get Uber

Uber Africa launches Uber Cash in partnership with Flutterwave

After beginning operations in Kampala, Uganda and Accra, Ghana. Uber officially launched in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania yesterday. Uber had earlier on announced their intention to expand to three African countries. The launch of operations in Tanzania marked the accomplishment of Uber’s goals. Tanzania becomes the 475th city to get Uber and the 5th African nation to enjoy the Uber services.

Uber is celebrating the launch by giving Tanzanians free rides through the code, ‘Move Tanzania’. Tanzanians can enjoy six free rides over the course of three days. Uber’s existence in Africa has not been a smooth sailing journey. It has been met with resistance from local taxi drivers who fear competition and has been marred by reports of unrest by Uber drivers over reduced prices. Uber has however been adding new features that are aimed at placating their drivers.

Uber’s low cost service, UberX is what has been introduced in Tanzania.

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