Hello Kampala! Uber Launches in Kampala

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A few days ago, Uber announced its intention to expand its operations to Uganda, Tanzania and Ghana. Uber made strides in accomplishing this dream as it has finally launched in Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. As ItNewsAfrica reports, Alon Lits, the General Manager of Uber Sub-Saharan  Africa was every excited at the launch. He stated that:

“We’re really excited to be launching Uber in Kampala, a world-class African city. We are inspired by the city’s rapidly developing infrastructure and spirit of entrepreneurship and look forward to giving people in the city an affordable, easy and flexible choice to move around the city safely and reliably.”

“At Uber, we are proud to connect millions of global citizens every to affordable and reliable rides. By offering a friendly and reliable complement to existing transport options, we can help improve urban mobility in Kampala. We are mindful of the city’s current traffic congestion, and we aim to be part of the solution in improving it, while creating new, fruitful opportunities for drivers. Ultimately, we hope to reduce the strain on the city’s roads, and minimise the environmental impact of traffic congestion that is part of a growing economy.”

 “Uber is part of a broader evolution in transportation. It is a new and exciting platform that is changing the way we travel and shaping the future of cities across the world. Kampala is a progressive, forward-thinking city that is ready for safe, reliable and efficient transportation and we are so excited to be launching here.”

To mark the launch, Uber will be providing free rides in Kampala that started yesterday and that will close on Sunday.

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