Announcement of keynote speakers for E-Learning 2015 Conference includes Sophia Bekele

CIO East Africa, one of the media sponsors for the event, reported on the announcement from organizers that the keynote speakers at this international conference of E-Learning Africa 2015.

The event the will take place from 20 – 22 May in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and the keynote speakers include Ms. Sophia Bekele, Founder/CEO of DotConnectAfrica Group & CBS International USA, Founder of Yes2dotAfrica Campaign; Ethiopia/USA,  Mr. Shai Reshef, University of the People, USA; and Mark Surman of the Mozilla Foundation, USA.


CIO Reports:

One of the interesting scenes in this event is that Ms. Bekele is delivering a keynote speech, who last year was blocked by the AUC, the current event Co-organizer from delivering a keynote address that she was invited to deliver, at an ITU-hosted event during the ITU Girls day event, due to a dispute over .africa.   This now becomes an interesting development, which demonstrates that the Government of Ethiopia undoubtedly recognizes the cross-cutting work of Ms. Bekele and the type of positive impact that she is making in the African ICT landscape.

The rest of the report and program is detailed at this CIO link:,-ethiopia

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