British Airways check-in systems outage causes flight delays

British Airways has apologised to passengers for delays after a technical problem hit check-in systems.

Travellers complained of hours queuing at airports and some reported they had been told the problem was worldwide. Airline employees had to manually process passengers at airports including San Francisco, Seattle and Phoenix, delaying the departures of dozens of London-bound transatlantic flights.

Responding to passengers on Twitter, the airline wrote: “We apologise to our customers for the delay and we appreciate their patience as our IT teams work to resolve this issue.”

It added: “Our colleagues are doing everything possible to check in customers for their journey.”

The airline also apologised in July after a glitch in its new check-in system caused delays. The system was first installed at airports across the world in October last year, and the roll-out was completed earlier in 2016.

The airline did not say what caused the problem but a letter given to a customer in San Francisco said it was using a “manual fallback process” for check-in.

Image: A letter given to passengers at San Francisco apologized to passengers for the delays
A letter given to passengers at San Francisco apologized for the delays. Alex Kintzer / Twitter

NBC News reported “We have been in contact with the relevant departments who are doing all they can to rectify the problem as soon as possible,” the letter said. “However we are unable to ascertain a time when we might expect the systems to be functional again.”

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