Big data can drive the future of cyber security


Data science experts and big data enthusiasts are excited and prepared for a future that’s becoming increasingly connected to the web.

Some techniques used to harness this raw information, such as data mining, help give us an insight into the future of cybersecurity and what areas may pique interest moving forward. A major benefit that big data provides in the realm of cybersecurity is the ability to monitor and track systems, usually contained within the cloud, for irregularities and potential breaches.

Cloud Security Information and Event Management (CSIEM) allows users to safely transmit and store their private information and files without fear of falling victim to a cyber attack.

The way the system works is by implementing a complex series of imprints within a file that can be monitored in real time in order to protect a user from nefarious outsiders that wish to compromise our data.

According to CIO blog, Big Information systems, among other blooming technologies, keeps the masses safe in an ever-growing world of complexity and technicality. Looking into the future we can see more of our actions losing the physical aspect of social interaction and moving to a digital realm where professionals are needed to protect and serve.

Finally, Big data is not only a new technology, it will become the framework in which task management, workflow management software, social interactions and internal operations function on in the future of our ever-growing marketplace.

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