Google Maps now tells you how hard it is to park in some cities


Google Maps has been a staple of the internet for over a decade now. To better its use, the application now has a new feature that gives users a warning on how hard it is to park at their destination.

According to The Verge, the new feature is currently available only on Android devices, and in 25 select cities, such as New York, San Francisco, Washington and Los Angeles.

When users in those cities punch in an address Google Maps will pull up a parking difficulty icon on the directions card, ranking from limited to medium to easy. With the warning ahead of time, it’s easier to pull up to a different block or street and find a parking space instead of circling around hoping somebody will leave.

With a massive squad of vehicles dispersed around the planet, google map’s street view aims to repeatedly drive around every accessible road they can find — all the while taking 360-degree photos everywhere they go

Google uses a similar method for parking as it does to estimate the busiest times at local businesses using historical data. But it should still be accurate enough to “give users a heads up on what kind of parking crunch to prepare for when you’re on the go,” the company says.

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