Singapore based Credit scoring fintech company, CredoLab, launches in Kenya

credit scoring fintech company, CredoLab, launched in Kenya

Alternative credit scoring fintech company, CredoLab, launched in Kenya recently is lined to drive financial inclusion by credit scoring more people, especially those who are new to bank and credit. CredoLab announced that it is in negotiations with the large financial institutions, digital banks, credit bureaus, consumer lenders and retail operations in Kenya. Michel Massain, Sales for Europe and Africa at CredoLab says, “With the trend in Kenya of banks shifting from traditional banking halls to digital platforms, our alternative credit scoring technology is perfectly timed to help lenders provide…

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Capital Market’s Authority Launches regulatory sandbox for Kenya’s startups to develop inTech products

Kenya’s Capital Market’s Authority announced plans last year to set up a regulatory sandbox for startups to join and develop their FinTech products and they have started accepting applications to the sandbox. Apply for the CMA Regulatory Sandbox for a 12-month period to deploy & conduct live tests on innovative products, solutions & services that have the potential to broaden the Kenyan capital markets. Eligibility | Application process — Capital Markets Authority_Kenya (@CMAKenya) June 6, 2019 First regulatory sandboxes have been implemented around the world in at…

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Sky.Garden: Revolutionizing Kenya’s E-Commerce Sector

Upon noticing that the economic sector in Kenya only caters for the top tier in the economic pyramid which leaves little room for individuals and businesses that exist within the lower segments of the economy to reap the benefits of online transactions, Sky.Garden decided to come up with a sophisticated eCommerce platform that they can use to expand their geographical reach. ITBusinessDirect spoke to Isaac Hunja the Chief Marketing Officer about their work. How can you define the technology sector in Kenya? I would describe the technology sector in Kenya…

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2016 Innotribe Startup Challenge Winners Announced


The winners of the 2016 Innotribe Startup Challenge were announced yesterday in Mauritius. The winners were South Africa’s Hello Paisa, a low cost international money transfer solution and The Sun Exchange, which deals with crowd lending for solar energy and Cameroon’s WeCashUp, that deals with mobile money transfer across Africa. The three each received a 10,000 USD cash prize. They also received invitations to attend Sibos, SWIFT’s annual global financial services conference that will take place in Geneva from the 26th to the 29th of September, techmoran reports. Sido Bestani,…

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