Social Media, Advanced Mobile Use and Strong Print Services Define ‘Savvy’ African Consumers in Angola, Namibia, Kenya & Botswana


Nielsen’s research into 8,100 consumers in 15 African countries provides a simple snapshot of technology usage and media penetration across an extremely diverse continent

Individuals in Angola, Namibia, Kenya and Botswana are more likely to access the internet, use social media and engage with advanced mobile services than other parts of Africa according to a recent report by Neilson. They are also more likely to use IM, Skype and other online services daily. Out of 15 countries surveyed, these are described as ‘Savvy Consumers’ as opposed to ‘Simple’ or ‘Selective’ ones.  Neilson also defines seven socio-economic groups and sees the key differentiator across countries surveyed as interaction with print media, mobile and online media.

The report includes case studies on three individuals, to provide a digestible overview of African consumers today. Patrick is from Nairobi in Kenya, for example and behaves just like any young, professional, consumer in Manhattan. He is passionate about gadgets, loves trying new technology and is happy to take recommendations from his extensive social media network.  He is defined as a ‘Trendy Aspirant’ in a ‘Savvy Culture’. Adapted From

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