Opera shuts down its Opera Max Service

Opera Max has been the rising star in Opera’s portfolio. The service offered a system-wide data-saving proxy that funnelled all app data through Opera’s servers to compress images and videos.

Initially, opening a web page required users to calculate the amount of data that they would spend. Smartphones have been always data hungry and people tried all sorts of ways to save the smallest KiloBytes of data. It is this where Opera’s data saving app came to the rescue.

Opera developed some clever algorithms and used in their Opera Max VPN service to utilise an individual’s data pack as efficiently as possible. However, Opera has now decided not to support the service anymore and will therefore not release further updates for the app. This has been done in order to focus on their latest business directions — improving experiencing for Internet browsing.

The company, which is now owned by a consortium of Chinese firms, today announced that it will shut down Max.

Opera has now decided to discontinue Opera Max quoting that the product had a substantially different value proposition than their browser products, and represented a different focus for Opera.

With the common having access to faster yet affordable Internet, consumers have stopped considering data saving practices. This could have led the company to ditch development for the app and rather utilise the resources for its core business, which currently is Internet browsers.

The company will keep supporting the service for a few more days before withdrawing the server support.

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