ICT strategies as business differentiators

Information technology is fast becoming a primary driver of market differentiation.

“In this context, the IT agenda is quickly extending outside of the realm of IT executives and into the agenda of the CEO, COO and CMO. It is clear that technology trends are changing the world as we know it, and business leaders who are able to grasp these trends and execute on their implementation will position themselves for future business success,” says Hans Zachar, senior manager of IT strategy at Accenture.

In order to gain insight into the adoption of ICT strategy trends within South African organisations, ITWeb, in partnership with Accenture, is conducting an online ICT strategy survey during September.

“The goal of this survey is to take a snapshot of the extent to which South African businesses understand these technology trends and gauge the progress of their implementation. Changes in the adoption rate of these trends signal a broader transformation in the role of technology in South African businesses,” Zachar says. Adapted From itweb.co.za

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