Apple Card just quietly launched, takes a new approach to credit cards use

Apple Card just quietly launched, takes a new approach to credit cards use

Last week, Apple Card was launched, a new product that just might make the tech firm a lot of money. However there wasn’t much elation and ululation. This is because, anyone who put their name down to get Apple notifications likely got a highly personalized invitation about the product.

To celebrate the launch, Apple didn’t release an expensive ad featuring exited customers, rather, Apple’s YouTube page was filled with explanatory videos.

The Card is Apple’s different approach to credit cards use, statements are handled, and rewards are redeemed, without any fees. After signing up for a Card via the Wallet app on an iPhone, the card will be added to Apple Pay and available immediately for contactless payments as well as online purchases.

A physical card that bears only the Apple logo — lacking your name, a number, expiration date, or CVV number — will arrive in the mail a few days later.

The users can earn cash-back rewards with each purchase that is transferred to an Apple Cash card in your Apple Pay account. The level cash-back ranges between 1% made with the physical card, 2% for any contactless payments, and 3% for any purchases made with Apple.

If interested, sign up to be notified about the Card’s full launch and potentially receive a preview invite, by visiting the Apple’s Card site and clicking on the “Notify Me” button in the top-right corner.

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