Microsoft adds Mixed Reality demo to Windows 10

windows mixed reality

Microsoft previously let us know that a range of its OEM partners with familiar names from the PC world would be building headsets that offer mixed reality experiences on Windows 10 hardware. The tech giant launched its Windows 10 Insider Build 15048, which allows users to access the Windows Mixed Reality Portal.

Developer Mode must be enabled in order to access the portal. Once opened, the program will compare your hardware with the required system specifications for Windows Mixed Reality.

Users can choose to set up a development kit headset or navigate the 3D workspace using keyboard controls to move and adjust their view. The build which features Windows Mixed Reality is currently only available to users signed up to the Windows Insider programme.

Mixed reality is probably going to prove a lot more interesting to a lot more people than virtual reality, if only because of the added potential it has to offer versatile new productivity tools for office and other workers. Of course, it’ll all depend on Microsoft building up a library of worthwhile, quality software, which is what this whole dev kit seed is all about.


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