Lyft makes it easier to track business travel expenses

Lyft  announced today that taking a business trip and then actually turning in your travel receipts just got a whole lot easier. A new feature for business profiles will allow employers to create a direct connection between employee trips and travel managers in charge of their reimbursement.

While this integrated functionality is not new for the ridesharing company, it is the smoothest it has ever been. In 2016, Lyft launched its business profiles to allow users the ability to easily share receipts via their work emails. Then, in the summer of 2017, the company announced in-app integration with expense management partners like Concur and Expensify to expedite the process further.

Now, instead of emailing a receipt, people can choose from a pre-selected list of expense codes before their ride even begins to ensure that receipts are sent along to their company and its business management system. This feature will also use the trip data to provide travel managers with access to monthly reports that keep track of employees’ costs, rides and routes.

With the task of chasing down receipts off their plates, Lyft hopes this will allow companies the opportunity to fine-tune their travel processes instead.

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