Has your Instagram account been hacked? You can recover it this way

Previously, if your Instagram account was taken over by an attacker, recovering it would require wading through choppy customer support, or calling for assistance from white-hat hackers. Now, Instagram is rolling out new measures to help you get your account back more easily.

On Monday, Instagram announced it is testing changes that could make it easier for users to regain access to hacked accounts, as well as security features that could make it harder to steal Instagram usernames in the first place.

The news comes after a wave of Instagram users have faced issues getting back into their locked accounts. In some cases reported by Motherboard, hacked victims even turned to third-party white-hat hackers to help them recover access to their Instagram after becoming frustrated with the company’s lack of customer support.

Here’s what you have to do in case your account gets hacked:

  • Open the Instagram app, and go to the login page.
  • Tap on ‘Need more help’.
  • Enter the original email address and phone number you used with your account.
  • Instagram will send a six-digit unique code to that email address and number. Enter the code to recover your account.

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