Ethena Startup creates a Sexual Harassment Software


Ethena, a software startup, is making it easier to customize sexual harassment training for employees. The company is aiming to make the delicate topic of sexual harassment training more engaging and less uncomfortable for both employees and executives.

It believes that something as important as sexual harassment training certainly should not be a cookie-cutter experience. Instead, the software, which is currently set to be released in January of the new year, promises to offer a unique educational experience for each employee and one that just might make them look forward to logging on.

Ethena will cater the training to be presented in short segments that will be customized based on what employees already know about workplace sexual harassment. Once the software is more widely distributed, the startup plans to make training customization based off of specific industries as well.

Ethena is unique in that the trainings are offered in bite-size segments throughout the course of the year because they believe repetition is essential. That belief is backed up by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which stated in a 2016 report:

“If anti-harassment trainings are held once a year (or once every other year), employees will not believe that preventing harassment is a high priority for the employer. Conversely, if anti-harassment trainings are regularly scheduled events in which key information is reinforced, that will send the message that the goal of the training is important.”

In response to the #MeToo movement, states like California and New York are now requiring employers to provide training on discrimination and harassment and I expect this trend to expand nationwide. Many of my clients are looking for training resources and technologies like the software offered by Ethena to help them better handle these situations. I’m betting more applications like this will be hitting the market over the next year.

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