Apple suspends sales of its new LG 5K monitor

Apple has reportedly halted sales of LG’s 5K monitor following well-publicised interference issues with the display, which is affected by being in close proximity to Wi-Fi routers.

According to Business Insider, the UltraFine 5K Display is no longer being sold in Apple stores – while the monitor is still on display in the firm’s many shops, if a customer wants to make a purchase, they won’t be sold one.

The Business insider reports that the tech giant Store employees were instructed this weekend to continue to display the LG monitors on the show floor but not sell them if a customer wants one. Instead, customers will be told to order the display from Apple’s online store. The display had a 5 to 6 week shipping time as of Monday morning, but we’re told by someone close to the matter that that timing will go down soon.

Presumably punters will be told that Apple is waiting for the fixed versions of the 5K monitor, which LG is working on now.

The Tech giant helped LG develop the UltraFine monitor and launch it with the new MacBook Pro. But since the monitor’s launch, there have been reports of problems such as screen flickering, interference with nearby routers, and other issues.

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