Celebrate Name Your PC day November 20.


Name Your PC Day is being celebrated today November 20, 2020, and your personal computer deserves a name. It works tirelessly to keep you in communication with friends and family. In this era, the odds are considerable that the largest number of people spend considerable time in front of a computer.

It keeps you connected with work and what’s happening in the world around you. They need to be recognized for making our day to day work easier.  They deserve a name of their own.  Name Your PC Day gives you an opportunity to christen your PC once and for all.

Name Your PC Day is celebrated on November 20 of every year. It’s unknown when this started but we live alongside our PC each day. Our lives depend on them in a literal sense. During this Covid 19 pandemic, they have greatly helped a number of people to work from home in efforts to curb the virus spread.

There are a couple of ways to celebrate name your PC day. You can celebrate it by choosing a name based your PC is designed to do. Even if it’s meant for research and writing or gaming it does deserve a name.

This is a chance to break out your creativity and figure out what to call your favorite device. Ask your friends or share with them the name you have come up with to celebrate this day together.

So, spend some time thinking about which name to give your PC in case you haven’t this is the best time to do it. Yet despite all this time around together, your computer remains an anonymous stranger. Now seize this opportunity to bring your relationship one stage further by providing your personal computer a title on Name Your PC Day.

Share your thoughts with us on which name you decide to name it.

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