Africa Union Tyranny of .africa and the African Community Circus

The GAC shall provide advice and communicate issues and views to the ICANN Board. The GAC is not a decision making body. Such advice given by the GAC shall be without prejudice to the responsibilities of any public authority with regard to the bodies and activities of ICANN, including the Supporting Organisations and Councils.” GAC Principle 1


Following the article written on Kenya’s position being ignored at GAC, the former Vice chair at GAC Ms. Alice Munyua has reportedly forwarded a 12th April 2012,a letter that was written by Kenya Minister of ICT Mr. Samuel Poghisio as defense.

However the contents of the letter that have been forwarded are essentially an extension of the various declarations on ICT in Africa that are now being used to validate the support of African Union, and it does not provide any support  nor acknowledge  Uniforum. Adapted from

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