88mph: The VC Firm Investing In Africa’s Tech Startups

This story was featured in Ventures Africa magazine’s February/March Edition….

A global network of experienced entrepreneurs prepare to invest the time and money required to give Africa’s most promising early stage tech companies the head start they need.

VENTURES AFRICA – A small group of Cape Town-based mobile tech start-ups are next in line to take part in the 88mph programme, which has already given some of Nairobi’s mobile web businesses a major boost.

Founded by Kresten Buch, 88mph is an early stage start-up fund combined with a three-month accelerator programme that assists start-ups by giving them capital in the form of an investment, access to business networks, and the know how to grow their businesses. The programme’s African strategy is to fund strong teams with web-mobile ideas that can scale across English speaking Africa. Adapted From ventures-africa.com

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